How Long Does G2A Take To Process Transactions?

How Long Does G2A Take To Process Transactions?

The transaction at G2A can take quite some time and is definitely not for those who are impatient like me.

I got into terms with it and that’s a story for some other time.

During my first transaction through G2A Pay, I hung around wondering if I had to redo the payment or if the system was just being slow.

I buy gaming accessories from noted sellers on G2A. Most of the orders I’ve placed took 15 minutes to process.

But when I bought a Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition from a seller, it took about an hour to receive the confirmation mail that my order had been processed.

From my experience and the experience of my friends on G2A, I deduced that a process in G2A can take anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Over time, I learned to while away those 15 minutes by playing a game or looking for another gaming accessory to buy the next month. Time passes pretty fast on the internet, you know.

Although G2A is slow compared to other online payments, we, G2A users appreciate that there is no monthly or annual fee for integration. They only charge us for the processed transactions.