What Are Some Games Like Fire Emblem On Steam?

Fire Emblem is a tactical role-playing game franchise with more than 15 titles released until now. With mobile gaming coming to the fore, the popularity of Fire Emblem has risen exponentially.

This tactical / strategy RPG genre is becoming increasingly popular among gamers. If you are a fan of Fire Emblem, you’ll probably like the games that I have mentioned below. You’ll find all of these games on steam.

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What Are Some Games Like Battle Brothers?

Battle Brothers is an RPG with turn-based tactics and is set in a fantasy medieval world. Here you’ll be in charge of managing a company of mercenary soldiers and leading them to different battles against foes.

You have total control over who to hire, train, equip your army and which contracts to take for best rewards. There are a lot of games that are like Battle Brothers, and I have listed some of the best ones below.

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