What Does G2A Stand For?

What Does G2A Stand For?

All the chemistry nerds might say Glycine 2 to Alanine. One of my friends did say that. 😀

But we are talking about the gaming world here.


Because I am an avid gamer and also, I am bad at Chemistry. 😀

A little backstory about G2A.

10 years ago, Bartosz Skwarczek and Dawid Rożek established an online game retailer, Go2Arena in Poland. Their aim was to offer games at the lowest price possible. The founders eventually changed the business into a marketplace in 2014.

Until 2018, G2A offered game keys, gaming services, and gift cards. In 2018, they expanded the products to electronics and gadgets. This move made it a one-stop platform for all gaming fanatics out there.

G2A is currently headquartered in the Netherlands. Though G2A is an European company, it has around 20 million users worldwide, as of 2020.

Upgrading to G2A Plus gave me unique discounts. There is also an affiliate program called G2A Goldmine that allows gamers to play games online and earn revenue.

Other G2A products include G2A Pay, G2A Dev Studio, G2A Gift Card, and G2A Charity. G2A Land is now the awesome Summer Funland.

Back to our first question, G2A stands for Go2Arena.

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