Why Is G2A In Euros?

Why Is G2A In Euros?

G2A is my go to place for all gaming needs. I get reasonable deals for many video games which are otherwise way beyond my budget.

If you are also a member of G2A, chances are you already know that Euro is the default currency in G2A.

G2A gives us the chance to change the currency preference whether we’re buying or selling.

But I am a curious soul. So, I wasn’t satisfied only by the options, I wanted to know why the default currency is only Euros and not something else.

I assumed G2A may be a European company and checked G2A’s Wikipedia page. My assumptions were right. G2A is a company headquartered in the Netherlands of Western Europe.

But that doesn’t justify it completely as there are some other European companies without a default currency.

Then came the final answer.

G2A didn’t choose Euro as its default currency just because it is based in Europe. As many banks widely use Euro as a substitute, G2A decided to give that honor to Euro. You can read more about it on Reddit.

This is not a problem to us as every payment will be automatically converted to Euro by their system. But knowing a fact or two hurt nobody.